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There are moments in time where our eyes are not used for sight, but to tell a story. Eyes can tell so much about a person: their journeys, heartaches, successes and thoughts within. From these instances, beautiful art is born. I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon. I really enjoy creating amazing pieces of art for people and seeing their smiling faces. I am able to create just about anything! I hope you enjoy my website and art. I create custom paintings and murals of all kinds. Feel free to contact me at eyecanseearts@gmail.com. I can't wait to create for you!


Saturday, November 22, 2014


16" x 20"

This beautiful dog belongs to great friend's of ours, Amber and Alicia. Sadie is a true member of their family and is cherised beyond measure. I helped Amber surprise Alicia with this piece. They were so happy to have this art to add to their home.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


1969: The Year of Love
24" x 36"

33 hours later and we have a 24" x 36" story of a couple who is celebrating their 45th wedding anniversary today! Ronald and Anne Marie eloped from Pennsylvania to North Carolina exactly 45 years ago today. Their only wedding photo was one where they were feeding each other their wedding cake. The original 1969 photo was 2" x 3" in size. Their son, David, came to me wanting to make this painting for his parents as a gift. David came up with this whole concept and it turned out great! I really enjoyed creating this!

Garden of Doubt: The Sequel

Garden of Doubt 2
(1) 16" x 20"
(2) 10" x 20"

My Dad wanted the original Garden of Doubt (pictured at the top), but wanted to add a twist to it. His only request was to have the apple that the hand was reaching for be red. In addition to the red apple, I also textured the piece differently than the first. This inevitably turned into my Dad's birthday present.

Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell
11" x 14"

I painted this for my step mother Cindy for her birthday. She adores Tinker Bell!