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There are moments in time where our eyes are not used for sight, but to tell a story. Eyes can tell so much about a person: their journeys, heartaches, successes and thoughts within. From these instances, beautiful art is born. I have been an artist since I could hold a crayon. I really enjoy creating amazing pieces of art for people and seeing their smiling faces. I am able to create just about anything! I hope you enjoy my website and art. I create custom paintings and murals of all kinds. Feel free to contact me at eyecanseearts@gmail.com. I can't wait to create for you!


Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Key Chain Project

This was a fun project that I delved into at Christmas time. It was a fun way for folks to give a piece of customized art to their loved ones without a heavy price tag.

Please check out my creations below:
Customized for Ashley A.

Customized for Jessica

Customized for Ashley E.

Customized for India

Customized for Lisa

 Customized for Heather

 Customized for Haley

 Customized for Sierra

 Customized for Alicia
Customized for Beth

 Customized for Heather P.

 Customized for Sierra

 Customized for KP

 Customized for Jessica

Customized for Mother Amy and Daughter Morgan

 Customized for Mary- Kate

 Customized for Jon & Katie

Customized for Amanda

 Customized for Mikayla

 Customized for Jada

 Customized for India

 Customized for India

 Customized for India

Customized for Meaghan

Customized for Brittany

Customized for Karen

 Customized for Ms. Smith

Customized for Farron

Customized for Jessi
Customized for Bradley

 Customized for Corey's kids

Chameleon Masquerade

Chameleon Masquerade
16" x 20"